List of Tamil Movies released in 2022 on aha app

List of Tamil Movies released in 2022 on aha app

Are you searching places on the web regarding what movies you should watch? Do you want to watch the latest Tamil hits of 2022? Then on such occasions, you must hop right onto the ahaplatform.

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A few of the latest movies you should watch are:


The Plot of Selfie

 The story of this film is based on an ill-tempered engineering student who, due to several mishaps, gets tangled deep into a college admission racket. He further gets pulled into the target line of a bunch of goons and several loan sharks.

Watch the movie Selfie to know what happens next in the plot and how the friends get themselves out of the grave situation. This movie has a competition for action and violence. The events of the movie are presented in quite a realistic manner making it less fictitious. 

If you enjoy watching movies that have a realistic plot and less exaggeration, then you must surely watch Selfie. Stream this movie just on the aha platform.


The plot of Diary

The movie Diary is about police officer VaradhanAnnadurai. VaradhanAnnadurai is hell-bent on solving a mysterious unsolved murder case of a newly married couple who were murdered on their honeymoon in Ooty.

As he is on his journey to find out the real happenings of the murder, he unravels several mysterious possibilities. Watch the movie to know further about what VaradhanAnnadurai finds out. Jump right onto the platform of aha to watch this movie today.  

Watch the Best Tamil Movies on aha.

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